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First Touch FC t-shirt

First Touch FC t-shirt

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Rain or shine, snow(but not ice) or steamy hot mornings there is a soccer meet up in Brooklyn already kicking off as the sun comes up. Dizzying dribbles, busses parked, open goals missed, Last Goals™ scored. Days are made all before the working day has started. 

Galloping wing back & in-team artisté Case Jernigan has created an original FTFC artwork and MUST HAVE fashion item.

The t-shirt is available in 'Home' beige or 'Away' black and ALL money from the t-shirts will be split between First Touch FC bib washing fund & Case's charity of choice - MS Society.

Made of 100% USA cotton, this textile is "beefy & durable" say the manufacturers. Its special features include its heavy and sturdy feel whilst being virtually shrink free and combined with a more generous fit (about 1 wider on the flat then a contemporary T-shirt) and higher neck line.

To see more of Case's work check his website

Case's MS Society Fundraiser Page

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