Terrace Talk : Case Jernigan

Terrace Talk : Case Jernigan

In our 2nd Terrace Talk we ask VERY important questions to artist (& left wing back) Case Jernigan.

(Case by Philip Thompson)

Case is an artist working in drawing, collage & animation who recently moved from New York to Italy leaving a Case shaped hole in Brooklyn soccer crew FTFC. A beautiful human who creates equally beautiful art - possibly the only person who could turn the notorious Tyne Wear derby horse punch into a delightful collage.

Case has also created an original piece in t-shirt form to raise funds for MS & his/our soccer team FTFC  - AVAILABLE NOW!



Case's Instagram

Case's soccer insta


Now let's get the questions going......


What is your favorite football shirt design?

Newcastle 95 Away kit, hands down. Very one off and didn't make sense, but a great palette and the Newcastle beer logo felt sophisticated and made me thirsty.



Favorite ground?

I grew up in South Carolina, not a soccer hotbed. But my Dad and I went to Charleston Battery Games every season. In the late 90's they got a proper stadium, but before that we stood on a soggy field and watched some guys knock it around.  I was too short and couldn't see anything. The new stadium was an improvement obviously and I've got fond memories of eating junk food and enjoying the weather. Ducking inside for thunderstorms and coming back out to the sun.


Do you have a Bucketlist trip/ground/fixture you’d love to go to?

Dortmund for sure. The yellow wall is gorgeous. Also kind of frightening. I like it.


The goal that is most memorable to you?

Zidane's volley against Leverkeusen. I animated a version of it for a project ages ago so it's stuck in my brain. The nonchalance, that's the killer. So many strikers rush the volley, but not Zizou. 




Your favorite football moment/game?

Newcastle 4, Arsenal 4. I was surrounded by Gunners in a bar. They didn't care that I had a Newcastle kit, my side was trash- RVP too dominant. Then Diaby got a red card and the momentum swung hard. I got rowdy. Newcastle nearly snatched the points with a shot off the post-but pulling back 4 second half goals, especially considering how goal shy that Newcastle side were, felt triumphant.


The most iconic football image for you?

Baggio on his knees after the fluffed penalty. Or maybe Brian McBride covered in blood. Maradona flying through the air during WC '86. Cantona's popped collar.


The first boot you remember or bought?

Definitely adidas from a discount shoe place near the mall. My mom thought my brother and I would instantaneously outgrow our clothes, so she bought 'em huge. Blowsy tops. So I've got duckbilled soccer boots with laces I wrapped around the underside because they were too long. Pitch black of course. And the kit hanging to my knees.


Last football purchase?

My partner bought me a pewter keychain in Florence of two guys going in for a tackle. On the back it says 1982. Its pointy and gets caught in my pocket but I like it.



Half-time order? Are you a Mars bar & cuppa person? A beer? A foot long sausage roll?

Used to be beer and loads of it. Now I'm 9 months sober. I don't know what to do with myself so I guzzle sparkling water, tea, whatever else I can get.


Who was your soccer idol growing up?

Landon Donovan lived large in our imaginations. I liked long hair guys- Pavel Nedved, Luca Toni. Fernando Torres a bit later. Everyone pretended to be Ronaldo on the pitch.


What football tv commercial has stayed with you?

Nike, Good v. Evil. We talked about this commercial for weeks on the playground. Legends like Maldini and Ian Wright play a squad of bloodthirsty demons in hell. Ronaldo sombreros a guy with a cage on his face. Cantona hits a flaming soccer ball through a winged monstronsity's torso and it explodes. Incredible. This was everything I wanted.


Favorite goal celebration?

Airplane. Not sure who started it, but shirt over the head and arms outstretched became de rigeur.



Favorite footballer trend?  

I still can't get over the shinguards we wore in the 90s. Thick, rectangular, like a book strapped to your leg. But don't forget the padded strap covering the ankles and cinching under the foot. Felt like wrestling gear, and despite all efforts it would slide down during the match to give you stumpy legs. Tough fashion period. 


Be sure to check out Case's webstore to pick up some of the best soccer homages whilst also helping raise funds for MS support...

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