UMBRO 100! Pro Training range & rampant Shearer

UMBRO 100! Pro Training range & rampant Shearer

Umbro turns 100 years old this year & because I love it so much we'll break down & delve into some of it's cultural & sporting relevance in an on-going nature.

First up, my personal favourite Umbro sub brand - Pro Training.

At some point during the early 90s (1993 I think) Umbro launched the Pro Training label. Umbro Pro Training was baggier following the fashion trends of the era but just as hardy & durable as the cotton drill tracksuits that had gone before.

What's amazing about the Pro Training range is just how great quality it was (& still is). Heavyweight sweaters, t-shirts & raincoats turn up on all the re-sell apps worn to death but still with life left in them. This is partly down to fantastic fabrics & construction but also this range was DESIGNED TO BE WASHED. In fact the label from a pair of mid 90s shorts states....

"Even the garment's ability to respond positively to heavy laundering has been considered - many of the items in the Pro Training range become more comfortable with such treatment. so don't be put off playing on a muddy pitch."

Thats a claim that sportswear items 100% cannot claim now!

To further demonstrate Umbro's dedication to quality training (wear) they released a definitive training guide called The Pro Training Skill Factor presented by Umbro's biggest star & future TV Superpundit Alan Shearer. The video is led by acclaimed coach Mich Wadsworth with insights by Alex Ferguson, Terry Venebles Frank Clark, Mark Hughes & Steve Stone. Shearer leads by example by knocking in some emphatic volleys whilst being kitted out in the latest Pro Training look. The dreamy silhouette of a loose navy & white t-shirt with short navy shorts for that perfect pre-season look to nail the drills but also grab a healthy tan. The video obviously made quite the impression as I have hunted down Shearers look & now I have it in pristine condition ready for spring!

You can watch The Pro Training Skill Factor here.....




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